Monday, 14 June 2010

Wat Is Ur Comments Bout Dis Forum ?

PSD: Phunk-sucking Dumbarses

Malaysia's Public Service Department, or better known as the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, has always been famous for rejecting applicants with the best SPM results in the country.

It must come as a surprise that the brightest students in Malaysia are denied scholarships. Clearly it demonstrates the fact that 'brightness' can be a subjective term.

So, who do they accept?

The 'dimmer' ones.

By that, I do not mean the Indians because if that were the case, their racial percentage should not stand at a measly 5%!

Not the Chinese, nor the Indians?

The winner can only be Melayu Bodoh.

Think about this: public scholarships are provided by Government departments (like the PSD). They are also the ones who collect taxes from the citizens. Having read the Forbes 'Asian Wealth', it is a proven fact that the top 5 richest people in Malaysia are Chinese and Indians. Thus, C&Is contribute the most to the economy, as a whole. However, all tax revenue received by the Government are distributed only amongst their own race. What about the C&Is who contributed an equal share if not more of the tax? Not all C&Is are rich and who is going to look out for them? Where is thejustice in that?

It goes to show that the Malaysian Government is FUCKED. If I ever see one of these Melayu Bodohs/ministers I have to ask, "Eh, what kinda drugs are you fuckin' high on?".

And as always:

"Melayu Bodoh, Melayu Balik"

What? Pissed off at the blog and you are a melayu bodoh? Well, don't just fucking sit there and look at it like a circumsized cock. DO SOMETHING! Post me a comment :)
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