Saturday, 2 October 2010

mY m0st HaTEd n0veL

"Tick," the clock is ticking slowly on the wall - in a much slower pace than before; leaving this boring 'me' unattached to the things Pn Fatimah said. Her conclusions about Madera, Lektuan, Jidin Omar and almost every character in the boring old 'Bukit Kepong' is getting on my nerves. Pn Fatimah is cool and Bahasa had always been one of my subjects, but it is just 'Bukit Kepong' that makes this day just a plain boring one. I do not know what to expect from this novel accept for it to be boring boring boring and more - it was like a huge chunk of boredom being laid at the peak of your cranium. So annoyingly boring, actually i had no attention and prior at all to write this post. It is just that, i want to say it from the bottom of my heart, "i will never love Bukit Kepong as a novel."

postscript: (as a syllabic text. Ermmm maybe )