Monday, 20 December 2010

hi dearest Bl0g,

me : r u still alive? i wud alwyz wnted to update u but -

Bl0g: - huh (sigh)

me : so srry itz my fault again ...yeah me n ma blabbering bananas. so srry 4 neglecting u, not that like i wanna delete u or sth, but it was like i am living in an eyrie to go updatting a blog that is down under the sea level. it was hard Bl0g. REAL HARD.

Bl0g: juz shut up rafaad, im no longer exist in ur life ryte?

me : Bl0g~ plz dn't b lyke this...

Bl0g: dissapear gumhead! i've had it wit u, u hv no face nor wealth! u hv nth for me to b proud of. u was a flattering bastard!

me : Bl0g~ i luv u as a sister more than i luv u as a Bl0g, as siblings, can u plz act forgive me? i am very well beguiled if u wud, bcoz none other in this world will come to ease xcept for seeing u smile again.

Bl0g: ermmm if u say so.. but just this once ok? one more n i'll leave u 4 gud!

me : ouh~ thanks heaven!