Friday, 26 February 2010


"Johnny, am i really into this?" a pointed face teenager asked; loading her gun with inaccurately shaking hands.

"You were born to stop him Selina, go for it!" Johnson Cavanaugh reassured her; leaving a fine tap on her shoulder. Selina hid the gun in her suit and opened the door on the upper deck. Maverick was underneath, gazing through the horizontal line between the night sky and the blue-black sea. No sooner that he realizes that her daughter was on the upper deck.

"What are you doing up there Pumpkin? Catching the night's breeze?" Maverick Ferndale said, expanding his hands towards Selina.

"No Daddy, i just want to say goodnight..." she said, aiming her gun downwards and shot her father right at his heart, "...forever," she uttered, with a distinctive smile on her evil face. She felt gloomy sadness and sensational relief all at the same moment. As she turned backwards, she found out that Johnny was behind her the entire time. "i've made it Johnny, i've made it!" she said; smiling.

Johnny took her hands and pulls her into a close embrace, "i'm glad you are, Selina," he said, with a welcoming smile. "But, i don't think you can live without him. So, i'm going to send you to him!" He said, firing his gun on Selina's stomach, laughing hard as Selina began to tremble in front of him. Inexplicably, a bullet was fired from the lower deck; the bullet smoothly planted itself into Johnny's heart. Although he was puzzled and dying, he still tried to find the gun responsible for the bullet in his torso.

To his surprise, he saw Maverick pointing a gun at him on the lower deck. "Confused Johnson?" Maverick said; fastening off his bullet-proof jacket.

"Poor Johnny, i would never kill my own father you know?" Selina's voice was heard. "We had vowed to keep our trusts, and we will never break it." She walked towards the lying Johnson and bends down gracefully with Maverick on her side.

"As family is the only place where we can put our trusts on," the Ferndales said; leaving poor Johnny alone - lying dead.

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