Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Soap

The Soap
I penned down lust, on paper shreds

     As entirely known by humanity, the indiscriminate facts of leisure and prohibiting the pleasurable flows of lust is a mockery whether publicly or in a unison state of awareness. Some people do actually think of the consequences and were strictly attentive to the mistakes and banes into understanding the world as a whole. Of all malignancy could bring, this story will only contemplated on one fellow; Mr Andrew Baker. He was a character of a mischief pleasure, in a tale of an amenity to survive a distorted life.
  Mr Baker had been lurking around the aisle, pointing out opinions in reluctance. He himself had only realized that how the openness of society demanded him to cower in his defenceless rendezvous. His demeaning favour in sodomy and lustful intention to boys at work really does have an effect on him. The creamy sensational independency was a fool’s distraction and the damn they gave to him was rather annoying; he thought, let it be in secrecy, he did not want anyone else to know, except for his loved ones. In this open society, people always come to him; questioning, disturbing him almost in every nick of his time. He did not flicker, he answered them all.
   “Mr Andy, want to have lunch?” all apart from one, his secretary, Harold Lim; a Chinese man, 5 feet 8 inches lad.
   “Don’t mind if I do” he grinned. He was always so comfortable with Harold, he loves to hear stories from him, and to spend time with him is a moment he awaits every single day. Lunch was always so exquisite.
  After lunch, he pulls out of the eatery. His tears broke in the car, flowing down almost meanderingly.

    The next day, as Mr Andy proposed earlier, he wanted to convey his thoughts to Harold; he wanted Harold to experience the love he had been longing to propel. Inexplicably, that particular day, Harold was absent from work, he asked almost everyone for him, but no one have any idea on his whereabouts. Harold was not at work for the next day and the day after.
    Mr Andy was very fragile indeed, after 4 weeks of Harold’s absents, he could not really take it anymore. In one of those days, he met a new man; a seductive lad from DYMK, a drinking establishment in Neil Road. They met in a lustrous state of affairs; Mr Andy was smoking Chocolate of Madelaine Gold, sipping Cognac as his Chocolate smoulders. Not long after that, a handsome fellow approached his cubical, putting on a soothing smile, allocating his warmth around Mr Andy, he was a young adult from his twenties, with shimmering blue eyes and a flaxen blond crown – he was a beauty and Mr Andy agreed. Soon he learned that his name was Jack, Jack reflected the loving warmness in Harold’s face.

   Moments after that, they started to mingle; they starting to know each other, learnt each other’s feelings and in those few hours they also treated each other’s lust, exchanging jokes and unveiling flirts. This guy really gives him an arousal, Mr Andy will only dreamed for his smooth lips, his overall cute behaviour, those caring side of his and his sweet words. His handsome figure was a plus. He knew it at this very encounter, he need to bring him home.
    “Taxi,” a Malay-driven taxi pull over to his side of the pavement, inviting him and supposedly Jack into the executive taxi. “Drive me to Tanjong Pagar please,” he ensured.
    “All right sir.” The driver replied, leaving a disgusted look on both of them, which were as if glued together in immense adoration. Chauffeuring drunken men had been a very lethargic job for taxi drivers in that area; comforting and picking up folks from Neil Road was always so troubling, especially to the Malays who were the exact opposition to LGBT, let alone in a country which openly accepted this kind of people. After a few turns, the driver stopped in front of the Tanjong Pagar Plaza and drove off in a hasty manner. 
      In sober, Mr Andy led Jack’s way to Yan Kit Road, one of his reserved condo in The Arris (an upscale loft type condominium) was still available, he lighted his chamber and steered him on his silk mattress. Jack woke up and suddenly recognized the man holding him, in a close embrace; Mr Andy was slithering around him, groping around his exposed flesh. Jack liked this kind of treatment; he then sensually kissed Mr Andy’s bumpy lips and has a taste of his tongue, his tongue was warm and stiff at the same time. Things were about to get real when impulsively Mr Andy backed off. He made an excuse to go to the toilet, although in a very profound state of denial, Jack let him go. His breath was fluctuating, sweats swarm all over his naked body. 

    Then, he mysteriously smelt something, he could not recognize it, but it felt awful. It was a pain to his nasals; he got up, and searched the cubicle for the source. He opened the cupboard, drawers and even looked outside the windowpanes, but had found nil. All of a sudden, the smell came back to him and it was really sickening, it came from under the bed. He leaned to the bedside, approached it slowly and pulled the beddings off. In astonishment, he saw a head lying under the bed - a rotten human head, it was dark and the hairs were left to strains, there was no uplift on the face, everything went down, all of the features were distinctively dead, Jack cried his lungs out. All of a sudden; a figure rushed for him, hugging him from behind. He was big, and held him tight enough so that it was hard for him to let loose. Jack trembled in fear and tears started pouring down his cheeks. He looked up and shivered, he was held by Mr Andy himself. Mr Andy bent down, got a gentle bite on Jack’s left ear, and licked the tears on his cheek. He said, “You are going to be okay sweetheart…”


     A couple of months later, the state’s police had taken Mr Andy into custody. He was then accused of three murders; his secretary, Harold Lim, a tax officer, Jacob Mosey and a businessman by the name of Imran Razlan. All these victims were found with no parts from their body except Imran. He said nothing during the appeal session, but in court, while his tears appeared visible from his seat, he mentioned, “I ate them so that I can immortalize their love inside me, but in all extend, I am still human, and I can’t eat them whole... I love them, I really do, to make sure they are still with me and still in love with me, I kept their heads as to where they had shown their love… ”

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